Amanda Sanchez

Executive Director – Amanda began her career in Senior living in 2009 as a Certified Nursing Assistant in California. There she worked in two nursing and rehabilitation facilities. She absolutely fell in love with the generation she served and has never looked back.

Amanda and her family moved to Oregon in 2012 to spend more time with her grandfather who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. She quickly found an Assisted Living community in Forest Grove and joined their team. While at the community, she held various roles including Caregiver, Medication Tech and Life Enrichment Director for their Memory Care. In 2017 she took a leap of faith and joined the Regency Park team as the Health Services Director. In December of 2018, Amanda was presented with a new exciting opportunity as the Executive Director of Regency Park. Amanda’s focus at Regency Park has been an everyday commitment to improving associate satisfaction and morale along with striving for the best customer service for the residents and families of Regency Park.

Amanda credits her accomplishments in Senior Living to her childhood. As a child, she would go with her father and brothers on the weekends to do yard work for an elderly woman who had been a close friend of her great grandmother’s. Before she knew it, she was doing housework for the woman and spending time with her and her close friends crafting! Without this experience of hard work, respect and appreciate for the elderly’s life experience Amanda may not have ever embarked on this journey.

Amanda currently resides in Forest Grove, where she lives and cares for her Grandfather. In her free time Amanda enjoys spending time with her two boys Wyatt and Cannon. She and her partner Ruby enjoy taking the boys on trips to the beach and planning movie nights!

“Regency Park isn’t my place of work, it is my home. My team inspires me to be a better leader, to appreciate them and to inspire them as well. My residents mean the world to me because they have chosen to spend their last years with us. They deserve the very best and that’s what we strive to give them everyday”

Roger Greene

Business Office Manager – Roger joined our CLG family as a Property Operations Assistant at Regency Park in February 2014 and was promoted to Property Operations Director in February 2016. In May of 2017, he embraced a new role as our Business Office Manager. He brings to our community over 34 years of valuable leadership experience in the financial arena. Roger has proven to be exceptionally passionate about working with our senior population and takes the greatest degree of care, pride and pleasure in assisting them with their needs, no matter how trivial. He has a deep affection for each of our residents, and can often be heard laughing and joking with them in the hallways, or quietly talking to them about their diversely unique life stories – “I find it especially rewarding and interesting learning about their incredible lives, and as I watch them relay their stories I see the youthful light reawakened in their eyes. Those are the moments that truly feed my soul.”

In his off time, Roger enjoys spending time with his wife, Cheryl, their dog Leo. He and Cheryl enjoy vacationing in their motor home, trying to play golf and to immerse himself in the pages of his favorite author’s latest novel (Wilbur Smith).

Torrance Lydem

Director of Dining Services – Torry has been married to Kelly since 2006, they have two boys, Nate and Sam, ages 10 and 8. He has worked in the food and beverage industry since his first job with Burger King in 1986. Torry graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts-Photography and pursued an art career for several years, but since it isn’t a very high paying career, he always had to have a job to make ends meet. During this time, Torry learned many different aspects of the food industry. He worked in fine dining restaurants, bars, pizza places, bakeries, coffee shops, delis and family style restaurants. When he met his wife, he was working in Virginia for Gillie’s Restaurant. This was a vegetarian restaurant that also served a little bit of seafood. Over the seven years Torry worked there where he rose to kitchen manager. This was where he learned most of his cooking skills, as well as managerial and bookkeeping skills. The most important thing he learned while at Gillie’s was that there was a limit to how much he could make and how high he could rise in management without any formal training. So Torry decided to attend culinary school. When his wife graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine they chose to relocate to Portland where she found her first job and Torry attended Western Culinary Institute where he graduated in 2006, he has worked as a chef in assisted living communities. He rose to be executive chef at Canfield Place in Beaverton. When Sam was born in 2010, Torry and his wife decided it would be best for their family that he step down from that position and he began to work part-time. His full-time job was being a stay at home dad. When Sam was old enough to go to kindergarten Torry sought and attained another executive chef position within the same corporation, but at another community, Markham House. In June of 2018, Torry accepted the Dining Services Director position here at Regency Park.

“I enjoy working in senior living and Regency Park because I believe seniors deserve good quality food and I enjoy the challenge of providing that to them”

Valerie Hurst

Community Relations Director – Valerie comes to Regency Park from the TV News industry. For ten years, she worked at the ABC affiliate KATU in Portland as an Emmy nominated anchor and reporter, telling people’s stories all across Oregon and SW Washington. Prior to that, she worked for news stations in Yakima, Washington and Rock Hill, South Carolina. Valerie grew up outside Boston, MA and graduated from Boston University. She feels strongly about helping local families and is thrilled to be a part of the Regency Park community. Outside work, Valerie enjoys volunteering with the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. She lives in Portland with her husband Bill and their two young daughters Olivia and Bethany.

“It’s a great honor helping take care of seniors in our community. I love being part of a business that cares for people”

Laura Andres

Community Relations Director – Laura is our Community Relations Director she graduated from George Fox University with her Master’s in Business Administration. Laura has worked as a Caregiver and realized that she truly enjoyed working for the senior community. Laura comes to work each day with a smile on her face ready to help families find a home for themselves or their loved ones. She understands that this is a difficult transition and works with families to find the best solutions for them.

Out of work Laura enjoys reading and spend time with her family.

“I enjoy working with seniors and helping them navigate through some of the toughest decisions in their life”

Brianna Seamster-Clark

Life Enrichment Director – Brianna began her journey at Regency Park in 2014 as a resident assistant, then on to Medication Tech. Her hard work and determination landed her the role of Health Services Assistant to the Health Services Director. In August of 2019, Brianna took on the role of our Life Enrichment Director. She was recognized for her creativity and contagious laugh. Brianna’s focus since embarking on her role of Life Enrichment Director is to ensure that the residents in our community are living their lives to the fullest and every day is meaningful for them. Brianna has since implemented a community market for our residents to spend their hard-earned “Regency Bucks” at and creative writing with our Memory Care residents.

“Regency Park has become my home. The residents in this community have shaped me into the woman I am today. I have had the great opportunity to grow not only within the company but the residents.”

Katie Velazquez

Move-in Coordinator – Katie began her journey in senior living right here at Regency Park in April of 2017! Prior to coming to Regency Park Katie was a stay at home mom. Quite quickly Katie found that her role at Regency Park did not feel like work and more like a second home. Katie started as a resident assistant, then moved on to be a Medication Tech. Katie’s hard work and determination were recognized almost instantly shortly prior to her year anniversary she was sought out to become our full-time Receptionist. Katie stood out to be very personable and made our visitors feel right at home. In June of 2019 another opportunity came knocking at Katie’s door, she would become Regency Park’s Move-in Coordinator! In our eyes there was no one better for this position. Katie is out-going, energetic and would make anyone feel comfortable and right at home. Outside of Regency Park, Katie is the proud mother of two children Eleanora and Isaac. She stays very busy with sports throughout the year!

“I will never forget a moment shortly after a resident had passed away, her daughter came to me and said ‘thank you for letting me have my mom. I was able to be her daughter and not her caregiver’. That was the most rewarding and meaningful moment I have ever had at Regency Park. Her words will stay with me for the rest of my life”

Levi Crawford

Plant Operations Director – Levi Crawford is the Plant Operations Director for Regency Park Senior Living and Memory Care. As a “POD” he has enjoyed every moment of his nearly four years working with this community. He enjoys working hands-on to better the lives and homes of all his residents. He takes pride in his ability to perform highly in different fields such as plumbing, carpentry, general maintenance and minor general contracting. His dedication and love for his community is what sets him apart from anybody else.

Levi has taken college courses for: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, recently passed all qualifications to become a Reserve Police Officer on his off time, working for contractors in construction and spent years in customer service. He loves to spend his weekends with his beautiful wife, two dogs, and their Jeep. He is a well-rounded individual who lives with dedication, and compassion.

“I enjoy what I do because I have the pleasure of improving the lives of my residents by helping them stay comfortable in their home. I see that all things in their apartments are in working condition and I am close by in case they need anything repaired. Serving others is a core value in my life. I have loved every moment of my time here at Regency Park.”